Tarin Gamberini

A software engineer and a passionate java programmer

The first time I have used Vim at work

Some time has passed since I started learning Vim. I didn’t wanted to use it at work because I don’t think I’m as productive as I’m with the editor I usually use… till this morning.

FSFE Web Site History From February 2001 To July 2016

A few months ago I joined Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) as translator (from English to Italian):

We are a community of people who are committed to Free Software. Please join us in our work! There are many ways to do so and you will find a way that fits your interests and skills.

My interests and motivations to join FSFE were various:

  • supporting Free Software;
  • improving and keeping trained my English (please excuse any mistakes), both in general and in particular about European politics and administrative jargon. Another chance is offered by FSFE mailing lists: it happens to write email to others people around Europe;
  • learning Vim practicing on “real articles”;
  • improving my typist skills in a healthy way.

Recently I was asked if I would have been interested in getting commit access to the FSFE web site source repository… of course I was :-)

I quickly realized that such repository has more than 15 years history!!! Thus I started wondering that it would have been nice visualizing such history with Gource. In the past I had already used Gource to visualize Parancoe history, a Java meta-framework developed by some Java User Group Padua (JUG PD) guys, but this time I was curious to see how a web site history was different from a framework one.

So I have recorded a 10 minutes long video about commit activity on FSFE web site source repository from February 2001 to July 2016.