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The Scrum Guide 2017 in Italian

On August I passed the Certified ScrumMaster exam at SCRUM Alliance. To get ready for the exam I had studied the Scrum Guide and I had noticed that it was available in Italian too.

Reading the Italian translation I realized that I could have contributed to improve it further. Therefore on July I got in touch with Francesco Lomonaco, the maintainer of the Italian Scrum Guide, who very kindly gave me his willingness to cooperate for an update of the translation.

We didn’t know it yet, but the future was coming towards us. In fact, on October an unexpected event happened. Francesco forwarded me this email:

On 11 Oct 2017 Scrum.org Translations wrote:
Hi all,

Based on feedback from some of you as translators along with some others, Ken and Jeff have decided to make a few additional changes and edits to the Scrum Guide. We apologize for any work you may have already done, but this will make for a better Scrum Guide and experience for Scrum Practitioners.

Thank you,
Scrum.org Translations Team

Incredible: the authors were going to introduce an official revision! It couldn’t happen a better moment to integrate my contributions and the authors' revision.

Along with Francesco we worked till November, mainly during the weekends. Once in a while we exchanged emails, both to synchronise each other and to clarify some doubts. The translation work proceeded quite smoothly.

Francesco is the founder of the LinkedIn group «SCRUM Italia» too. Some days ago he gave in that group the official news about the publication on scrumguides.org of the Italian translation of the Scrum Guide 2017.

I’m very happy I did this experience mainly because it has enabled me developing further my organizational skills. In fact, the Scrum Guide translation on November went in parallel with the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar translation.

If you had any difficulties understanding English, but you were still interested in developing, releasing, and maintaining complex products, I hope you will find useful the Italian translation of the Scrum Guide 2017.

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