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FSFE Web Site History From February 2001 To July 2016

A few months ago I joined Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) as translator (from English to Italian):

We are a community of people who are committed to Free Software. Please join us in our work! There are many ways to do so and you will find a way that fits your interests and skills.

My interests and motivations to join FSFE were various:

  • supporting Free Software;
  • improving and keeping trained my English (please excuse any mistakes), both in general and in particular about European politics and administrative jargon. Another chance is offered by FSFE mailing lists: it happens to write email to others people around Europe;
  • learning Vim practicing on “real articles”;
  • improving my typist skills in a healthy way.

Recently I was asked if I would have been interested in getting commit access to the FSFE web site source repository… of course I was :-)

I quickly realized that such repository has more than 15 years history!!! Thus I started wondering that it would have been nice visualizing such history with Gource. In the past I had already used Gource to visualize Parancoe history, a Java meta-framework developed by some Java User Group Padua (JUG PD) guys, but this time I was curious to see how a web site history was different from a framework one.

So I have recorded a 10 minutes long video about commit activity on FSFE web site source repository from February 2001 to July 2016.

Commit? What Is A Commit?

A commit is the action by which a person apply a changes (called revision) to a code base, or to a body of text, under version control. In the following video commits are shown as rays which are irradiated by committers against colored balls. Balls are files. Balls are connected in a structure that might look like a plant, a flower, a sea coral. Such structure mirrors the directory structure in which files are organized.

Look At Video About The FSFE Vibrant Community

In this about ten minutes long video you are going to see the FSFE vibrant community which is maintaining the FSFE web site from February 2001 to July 2016.

Be aware that you are looking at committers only. Therefore, if you want to get a more accurate idea of the full FSFE community, you should imagine all the other people (behind each committer) who: read and study normative documents, organize and promote events, design graphics and logos, write and translate articles, press releases, news, and all the various content you can find on the FSFE web site.

Enjoy the movie:

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