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Functional Programming in Java book review

Last January I was selected from Manning as one of the technical reviewers of the book “Functional Programming in Java” by Pierre-Yves Saumont. In these days the book has been released to the public therefore I can publish this post without violating the reviewer agreement.

The book teaches functional concepts by lots of examples and exercises which develop in the reader both a knowledge background and a natural instinct to functional programming paradigm.

The subject is taught in a “exercise, hint, solution” form, which is one of the most efficient “in practice” learning path I have ever seen.

The subject is hard but the author leads the reader along a learning path where every step is based on the previous ones. That gives people, completely new to the functional subject, an easy way to read the book chapter by chapter. Despite that the book can be read by more experienced people in a “modular” way too, because the most of chapters focus on a specific aspect of the functional programming paradigm.

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