Tarin Gamberini

A software engineer and a passionate java programmer

The Scrum Guide 2017 in Italian

On August I passed the Certified ScrumMaster exam at SCRUM Alliance. To get ready for the exam I had studied the Scrum Guide and I had noticed that it was available in Italian too.

Reading the Italian translation I realized that I could have contributed to improve it further. Therefore on July I got in touch with Francesco Lomonaco, the maintainer of the Italian Scrum Guide, who very kindly gave me his willingness to cooperate for an update of the translation.

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar vol. 17 in Italian

I have always been enthusiastic about the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar both because of the idea in itself and because of its implementation in the form of radar.

The Technology Radar is a document which gathers substantial changes in IT technologies of interest to various ThoughtWorks teams. The Radar is written by the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board (TAB), made up of senior technologists at ThoughtWorks, which regularly meet themselves to talk about technology trends that significantly impact our industry.

The implementation in the form of radar is characterized by four quadrants: techniques, platforms, tools, languages & framework; and four concentric levels (from outside to inside): hold, assess, trial, adopt. The various moving technologies appear on the Radar as blips: the closer the blip is to the center, the more it is qualified to be of worth by ThoughtWorks.

The ThoughtWorks Radar contents summarise the essence of the TAB meetings, and its format effectively communicate contents to a wide range of stakeholders, from CIOs to developers.

As I did last year, this year too I contributed to the Italian translation of the ThoughtWorks Radar.